popUPjustice believes in a virtuous cycle of invention, and that democratizing digital innovation is our mission impossible. We are a social justice start up, consulting and incubating ideas which advance community building and social innovation. Our collaborations are a chance for big ideas and big hearts to come together to make justice pop in whatever we do, and wherever we go.

We seek creative projects across the private, governmental, and nonprofit sectors at the intersection of technology, social justice, the arts, and pop culture. Our growing team of independent collaborators shares a common vision, I.D.E.A.L. values, and aspires to achieve mission impossible, so that together we offer:

  • Consultation and project management on projects relating to technology, equity and cultural competency audits, strategic planning, organizational and community development, trainings, workshops
  • Communications strategy and content production
  • Social Justice Policy Research and Analysis
  • Production and facilitation of convenings, events, social justice hackathons, game jams
  • Incubation of select projects


We believe a virtuous cycle of invention is necessary for a just society where different ideas meet and people come together to imagine, invent, and build community.


popUPjustice aspires to engage in projects consistent with our IDEALs: Inclusive, Dynamic, Equitable, Adaptive, and Love justice.


Democratize digital innovation, build community, and do cool stuff.

Ping the PopUp…

For all inquiries, ping us – info@popupjustice.org

Our collaborative model of work and range of services is also part of a creative partnership with the popUPjustice Foundation, a Washington nonprofit corporation.

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Aurora Martin

Aurora Martin is a social innovator, developing partnerships to re-imagine justice and invent a virtuous cycle of public good.  Inspired by a commitment to build community, she is now the founder of popUPjustice, a social justice startup that aims to serve as a collaborative entity with various independent creatives and experts across sectors, incubating ideas at the intersection of technology, social justice, the arts, and popular culture.